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The Prodigal Son

Luke 15:11-32

Sometimes my daughter reminds me a lot of the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. No, she is not a prodigal daughter. She is only six. But she still reminds of him.

As a child living in the United States she is very much influenced by Princess. Princesses are on her toys, clothes and also in her movies. And she plays the princes game with me routinely.

In the game she is the princess and she graciously allowed me the position of Queen. However she calls all the shots. She tells me how to prepare the tea party and all.

But sometimes she switches role. Then she wants to be the queen. (As a queen she can legitimately call the shots) and I get to be the…servant!

Today she changed role again and she granted me the position of Queen and she herself was the servant.

She instructed me how to clap twice for her and she would come running and ask me “How can I serve you, your majesty?”

This funny game let me think about Lukas 15:11. The story of the prodigal son is a story about a son that for worldly pleasure leaves his lovingly father and older brother.

When he decides to come back home we see the different reaction of the father and of the older son. And we tend to judge the older son sometimes. Automatically we feel sympathetic for the younger son that repents. But don’t we, as adults, change role too? Sometimes we are the prodigal son that comes home hungry for love, food and attention. We feel happy to be forgiven and received back into the warm circle of love. We receive the golden ring and the robe our father held out for us. Not because of the monetary meaning but because of the love and attention they represent. Having those items reminds us of his forgiveness that we certainly don’t deserve.

Sometimes we are not the prodigal son but we are as the older brother that is jealous of blessings of our brothers and sisters. We tend to turn away and ask our father; “Why not me?” or “When are you going to bless me?”

And sometimes… just sometimes we can be as the father. We can stand with open arms, ready to give our mantel, our rings to our brother and sister that comes back home, seeking the forgiveness for their sins. Than we, in the role of the father, can enclose them in our love and point them to the right direction which is Jesus.

Thank you my daughter. I am willing to be your servant, your queen or your peasant. Because I know that God uses you for my life.

Luisette Kraal

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