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HELP! My To-Do-List…

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 13: 8 I woke up with these sweet words in my mouth today. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” And at soon as I said the…

Bible teachings

15 Versikulo pa Hende Ku Kanser

Awe, dia a kuminsá manera tur otro dia. Hopi kos di hasi, pero nos famia a para ketu pa lesa Beibel i hasi orashon. Asina nos ta konfia Dios ku e mes lo regala nos ora den e dia…

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Money, Sex & Communication in Marriage

Somewhere, I once read that all marital problems can be traced back to money, sex or communications. Whether this is true or not, these three are indeed major problem instigators. I have noticed that there is a lot of…

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My Hero

The day started like any other day.  I rushed through my morning routine, jumped into my dark blue uniform skirt and white silk blouse, slipped on my high-heeled shoes and ran to the car. In one hand I had…

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Stand Firm

Today I read the FB post of Natalie Grant, the Grammy award nominee for Best Gospel/ Contemporary Christian music. She went to the Grammys; however, she walked out of the ceremony before the end of it. This triggered a…



A Teen-novel written by Luisette Kraal Nebo was eight years old when he heard the news for the first time – the King of Babylon had given permis- sion for the people of Israel to return to their country!…

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