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Dare to Model Christlike Compassion Kindle Edition

Author:Jerseline Granviel Ansano

Book Cover: Dare to Model Christlike Compassion Kindle Edition


We all face gut-wrenching, life-altering circumstances at times in our life. Circumstances that can eventually destroy us. Circumstances brought on by other people. When that happens, we have a choice: We can become bitter and judgmental . . . or we can become kind and compassionate. In Dare to Model Christlike Compassion, Jerseline Granviel explores the choices she has made and the lessons God has taught her in the process. She explains how compassion has become nourishment for her fruitful life.
Welcome to this motivating journey with Jerseline. Dare to model Christlike compassion using Jerseline’s unique and practical approach. You will have a wonderful time delving into the Scriptures to learn and understand Jesus’ principles of compassion. As you come to more fully know Him and His compassionate love, you can begin to share His love and compassion with others.

No matter how tattered your life has been . . . no matter what struggles you are experiencing now . . . you can move forward as you too nourish your fruitful life with compassion.
Dare to Model Christlike Compassion will . . .
Challenge you to make a life-changing impact on those around you and leave eternal footprints in the heart of your children and others

Show you how to master the art of accepting, loving, and encouraging instead of judging those who have experienced failure or have hurt you

Help you be willing and able to pay the price that modeling compassion sometimes demands

Equip you to conquer the fear of compromising your standards, being used, or facing opposition while showing compassion

Encourage you to stop nursing grudges and begin walking in love and forgiveness

As you read Dare to Model Christlike Compassion, Jesus will give you a heart transplant as you learn that . . .

Compassion is a commitment, not a convenience.

Compassion should take you out of your comfort zone.

Compassion can help you build a powerful family legacy for generations to come.

Whether you think compassion is your God-given gift or just want to learn more about the art of showing compassion, this book is for you. Get ready! It’s time for you to model Christlike compassion.

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