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Mimina, the Slave Girl: One woman’s path to freedom

Book Cover: Mimina, the Slave Girl: One woman's path to freedom

Mimina and Miriam, childhood friends on the island of Curacao, were more like close cousins than slave and owner. Together they roamed the woods, played with handmade dolls, and jumped rope. Mimina received all Miriam’s hand-me-downs and learned the ABCs with her. As she grew, the fifth-generation slave girl was protected by her family, who tried to shield her from the unwanted attention of powerful men. They knew from experience the tragic consequences that such encounters could bring. Life changes dramatically when Mimina becomes a teen. She is made painfully aware that as a slave, she is the property of another person and can be sold, beaten, or mistreated at the whim of her owner, who happens to be her former friend Miriam. Abruptly, Mimina learns what it means to be a slave, and her heart is filled with bitterness. Revenge and freedom become her goals. Her mother and grandmothers beg her to reconsider and trust God to work things out. But Mimina doesn’t want to wait on God any more. She is ready to take matters into her own hands! She wants to be free! Will Mimina submit and learn to be “a good slave,” the property of her owner? Or will she find a way to obtain her freedom?


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